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  ~ Marie Mott for City Council District 8 ~
        Election Day ~ Tuesday 2 March

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      ~ Marie Mott for City Council District 8 ~
    Election Day ~ Tuesday 2 March

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    2011 Announcements
    This space available to all FP residents for
    any non-commercial FP announcements.

    Ferger Place Historical Organization meeting Tuesday, 26 April 7:00 pm @ 118 Morningside. Come get your porch banner! Remember dues may be paid at the meeting or to Delores Robinson Elrod 222 Morningside.


    Christmas Tour of 10 FP Homes, 11-12 December 5-8pm, tickets $20
    Tickets available at Chattanooga Florist, 1701 E Main Street.
    HOFP fundraiser.

    Christmas candles $20, choice of 3 scents:
    Eveningside, Ferger Place Christmas & Morningside.

    24 november - break-in @ 108 Morningside

    FP Halloween - Saturday, 23 October, 4-6pm
    trick or treat time for all FP children and guest

    FP Yard Sale - Saturday, 25 September

      Ferger Place 100th Anniversary Celebration invitation
      Historic Ferger Place
      Centennial Celebration

      of Tennessee's first
      planned subdivision

      Saturday, 15 May 2010
      10am - 5pm

      The celebration will take place in the Historical Henriette Park located on Morningside Drive within Ferger Place, including a sidewalk history tour with homes and yards on display. •For more information on the historical significance of Ferger Place on the state of Tennessee and the great city of Chattanooga, please contact chairwoman Tami Harrison
      423-774-8479, tami@lmpc.org

    • 10 April . Park Clean-Up . Saturday 10am

    • 6 April . Celebration meeting . Tuesday 7pm . 118 Morningside

    • 6 April . FP Recycling Day . Tuesday 8am . curbside

      Sanitary Sewage Overflow - Avoid Physical Contanct With Area - Exposure to Water May Cause a Health Risk

    • 19 March . Septic Sewage Overflow in Park . Friday . signage placed Sunday: "Sanitary Sewage Overflow - Avoid Physical Contact With Area - Exposure to Water May Cause a Health Risk"
      ... still there. supposedly caused by a sewer stoppage on 19th street, presumably causing a former drain pipe located on the park property to become unplugged and spew untreated sewage into a small NW area of Henriette Park.

    • 23 March . FP Recycling Day . Tuesday 8am . curbside

    • Tuesday 2 March 7pm: FP Centennial Celebration planning meeting at 118 Morningside with Dr. Darrell Black from the History Center. For more info, contact Tami.

    • Tuesday, 23 February 8am: FP Recycling Day curbside

    • Thursday 7 January 5:30-7:30 pm @ 1250 Market Street
      Community Meeting to get input on how the Block Grant funds should be used - Chattanooga Dept of Neighborhood Services @ Chattanooga-Hamilton County Regional Planning Agency, Development Resource Center / areas of focus: • Homelessness, • Impediments to Fair Housing, • Affordable Housing, • Public Housing, • Economic Development & Job Creation, • Community Safety

    • friday, 1 january 2010 garbage collection ON SCHEDULE
      Public Works: City Wide Services: Holiday Schedule

    • t.15dec09 Recycling score: Morningside 9, Eveningside 7

    • FP Christmas Tour of Homes, 12 December 2009
      Staff Photo by Allison Kwesell Scott Harrison, top, and Ray Gross hang a wreath on a lightpole on Eveningside Drive at Ferger Place. Ferger Place is having a Christmas Tour of Homes in preperation for it's 100th anniversary next year.
      Saturday 5-8pm $20. contact Tami Harrison or Eddie Piper
      This is a fundraiser for FP's centennial celebration.

    • Historic Order of Ferger Place Watch Area
      Approximately 70 voting residences within the historic Ferger Place neighborhood.
      The Mayor and 311 use the site to monitor events in the city.

    • FP 100th birthday : 15 May 2010 Saturday
      Historic neighborhood approaches centennial CTFP 5dec09
      committee: Tami Harrison

    • NPR: In Chattanooga, Main St. Is A Prostitution Strip 22aug09

    2009-10 officers: Jennifer Herrit, president; Scott Harrison, vice president; Bill Hopkins, secretary; Vickie Marler, treasurer